'Chelsea Will Also Slipping, City Must Keep Sticking'

‘Chelsea Will Also Slipping, City Must Keep Sticking’

'Chelsea Will Also Slipping, City Must Keep Sticking'

Manchester Manchester City midfielder, Fernando, is confident Chelsea will slip in the competition Premier League champions. To that end, in order to maintain a chance of champions, City were asked to continue to stick strictly Chelsea.

This season Chelsea proved itself as one of the strong candidates Premier League champions. The Blues are still going smoothly unbeaten league run to 11 weeks.

Of the 11 games, Chelsea picking nine wins and two draws. Direction of Jose Mourinho’s team were firmly on top with 29 points.

Meanwhile, City step a little choked up. Last season’s champion has twice lost 11 games. Sitting in third place with 21 points, City left behind eight points from Chelsea.

Although the City is quite far behind, Fernando refused to panic. The Brazilian was asked his team to continue to hunt for Chelsea because he believes John Terry et al. will also slip.

We know the Premier League is very competitive, with big teams. Of course Chelsea is a team that has the best position and play better, but we know that all the teams in the league volatile,” Fernando said as quoted by the Mirror.

We did not start well, we encountered some difficulties, but we know that whenever Chelsea also going through hard times, and then we have to work to keep it as close as possible.”

Of great rivalry, Chelsea will try to stay away and we just have to work,” he added.