Goals CR7 Portugal Win over Armenia

Goals CR7 Portugal Win over Armenia

Goals CR7 Portugal Win over Armenia

Portugal is made difficult by the continued qualification of Armenia in the European Cup in 2016. The team was nicknamed the Selecao das Quinas was only a narrow lead through goals Cristiano Ronaldo in the second half.

In phase I, Malgahaes Pesoa Group on Saturday (11/15/2014) pm dawn, Portugal closed the game with a score of 1-0. Appear to dominate from the start of the first half, Portugal created difficulties through five defenders Armenia.

Soccernet recorded Portugal is far superior in control of the ball throughout the game. The team was made by Fernando Santos dominated possession up to 70 percent with 16 businesses create goals with eight of them right into the goalkeeper. As for Armenia only made six chances throughout the game.

In fact since the second minute, Portugal already getting chances to score. But, Miguel right foot shot wide to the left of goalkeeper Danny.

In the fifth minute Cristiano Ronaldo tries to break the deadlock team. Getting assists from Danny, the Real Madrid midfielder‘s shot is right towards goal but goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky Armenia had brushed it off.

Ronaldo effort four minutes later also did not produce anything. Similarly, experiments created kick Joao Moutinho in the 41st minute. Her right foot shot just wide to the right.

Attempts raw Portugal players until halftime. Positions still goalless until the break