Klopp: Dortmund Late "Heat"

Klopp: Dortmund Late “Heat”

Klopp: Dortmund Late "Heat"

LONDON Borussia Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp judge read his army late game when facing Arsenal, on the fifth matchday of Group D of the Champions League, at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday (11/26/2014). According to Klopp, his team increasingly difficult and eventually lost 0-2 because Arsenal opened the difference when the game has been running for two minutes.

Arsenal’s first goal printed Yaya Sanogo, in the second minute. Arsenal get the second goal of Alexis Sanchez, in the 57th minute.

Throughout the game, according to the records of UEFA, Arsenal off three accurate shots from nine businesses, with 45 percent of possession. The Dortmund accurate off five shots of nine experiments.

We need time to adapt to the game. Conceded in such short time is the beginning of the worst that might happen. There are situations and moments where we could do what we wanted. However, the moment a little bit,” said Klopp.

We often do not play well enough and Arsenal deserved to win tonight. We‘ll be better by trying. That’s the plan. We must try. Hard work always produce results.”

“We’re not quite brave tonight. We did not close the room and we were not close enough to the opposing player. There are thousands of reasons why we did not play good enough tonight. However, we know that. There’s no other explanation,” said Klopp.

With that result, Borusia Dortmund sit atop the standings with 12 points, two points ahead of Arsenal in second place. The third and fourth position occupied by Anderlecht and Galatasaray, each with a value of five and one.