Matic: I'm Makin Mix with Fabregas

Matic: I’m Makin Mix with Fabregas

Matic: I'm Makin Mix with Fabregas

Liverpool Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas immediately tuned since started a duet in midfield at the start of this season. Players from Serbia was admitted to the Fabregas increasingly solid partnership.

In the Premier League this season, two places in midfield belong Matic and Fabregas. Mourinho has already lowered the couple‘s midfield in 10 games in the Premier League.

As a result, Chelsea have not lost as far as the English Premier League and first place standings with 26 points. In detail, ‘The Bluereap eight wins and two draws.

Matic said that it is important for him a lot playing alongside Fabregas, to build a solid midfield.

At every moment of the game, he knows what he should do,” said Matic on Chelsea’s official website.

He’s an amazing player; he’s a player with a lot of experience playing at Arsenal and Barcelona. We have a good relationship on the field and easy to play with.”

It’s important to be able to play games with one person, as more and more passing, then you will be more familiar with them, and know more.

As a couple of our performances improve together, and I think it’s also great for the team because the midfield is a crucial part of the team,” he added.

CompactnessMatic duo Fabregas will be tested at Anfield on Saturday (11/08/2014) evening hrs later. Chelsea will duel against Liverpool.