Red vs. Blue Duel at Anfield

Red vs. Blue Duel at Anfield

Red vs. Blue Duel at Anfield

This weekend the Premier League will be heated duel between Liverpool versus Chelsea at Anfield. Case struggles number also adds up to the aroma revans this fight.

In the Premier League last season, Liverpool had been in the leading position in the competitive scramble for the title. But Chelsea then be a huge stumbling block in the 36th week. At Anfield when the Liverpool surrendered 0-2 to Chelsea with goals from Demba Ba and Willian. After the game the Reds are still topped the standings but the results of Manchester City widen opportunities for overtaking.

With psychological conditions that have less okay, one of which is touted as the defeat of Chelsea, Liverpool and then balanced even just 3-3 opponents Crystal Palace in the 37th week. Although the party then won the 38th week opponents Newcastle, Liverpool’s chances champion who previously had in the clutch finally taken by the City.

That’s why Revenge also adds to the feel of the first meeting this season with Chelsea Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday (08/11/2014) evening hrs. The Red’, as said defender Kolo Toure before this, was keen to make calculations with The Blue’ because it is still remembered with what is already happening in the same place last season.

For Liverpool, the fact that Chelsea is also currently undefeated drove (8 wins and 2 draws) to sit on top of the standings would give extra lure for trying to hit through a revans. This is the right time for revenge, especially Brendan Rodgers made the team also need to fix the position number number seven after winless in the last two games of the Premier League due to series defeat against Hull City and Newcastle United.

By contrast Chelsea have certainly never willing to lose just after making an impressive start to the Premier League this season. Moreover, the Blues was also a record for a sip of Liverpool are unbeaten in their last four meetings in the Premier League (2 wins last season and 2 draws in the previous season).

At Old Trafford on the same day there will be a party between host Manchester United’s opponents Crystal Palace. Facing Palace which there is only one position above the red zone, the ‘Red Devilswill have a chance to end a series without a victory in its last three games against West Bromwich series and lost to Chelsea and City. With Manchester United still scattered in position 10, the points clearly sorely needed by the troops of Louis van Gaal