Cazorla "The Lionheart"

Cazorla “The Lionheart”

Cazorla "The Lionheart"

LONDON impressive performance Santi Cazorla with Arsenal directly bring praise from Liverpool legend Jamie Redknapp. Unsparing, Cazorla called players who have character and be a lion, like the King of England the medieval era, Richard I, which has the nickname The Lionheart

Redknapp assess, although the player smallish but the performance on the field like a lion. Since imported from Malaga in 2012, Cazorla managed to become the motor offensive midfield Gunner.

Movements are agile and nimble, making Arsene Wenger did not hesitate to put an 30-year-old midfielder in every game.

Even when the Gunners managed to conquer Manchester City 2-0 in the Premier League stage last weekend, Cazorla is considered as the culprit for the defeat of the Citizens. One goal scored through the execution of the white point, is able to mentally break down the opposing team.

Reflecting on the performance, Redknapp then unsparing to flatter Cazorla. He described the Spanish national team players, like the king of the jungle that has tremendous courage.

Cazorla is not a player who has a great body, but he had a courageous heart like a lion. He was very brave when possession of the ball. For me, he is one of the best players individually in the Premier League this season, said Redknapp, as quoted in the club’s official website on Wednesday (21/01/2015).