Madrid Crisis? Do not be silly!

Madrid Crisis? Do not be silly!

Madrid Crisis? Do not be silly!

MADRID From a record 22-game winning streak in all competitions during 2014, up to three consecutive defeats at the beginning of 2015. Real Madrid really being highlighted these days.

Starting from AC Milan’s 4-2 defeat counter in test matches, up to a two-game losing streak in La Liga match counter Valencia (2-1) and the Copa del Rey first leg against Atletico Madrid (2-0).

The pandit was labeled Real Madrid football with the status of the crisis. However, different responses were forthcoming from the team tactician, Carlo Carletto” Ancelotti who do not agree when his team said crisis.

It was too much (the crisis). We are not happy with the previous two games, we have to get back to winning again. We will play against Espanyol on Saturday, the second leg (counter Atletico), Ancelotti said as quoted from SportYou, Thursday (08/01/2015).

Ex interpreter tactics ParisSaint Germain was also analyzed the match that took place on Thursday (08/01/2015) early morning hrs. Two goals Atletico created by a penalty kick and a header Jose Garcia Raul Gimenez.

We have a chance, but not a lot. Atletico have the advantage, and we have to give everything. We controlled the game before a penalty, after that we did not do well, he explained.

In the first half, we leibih controlled the game, we need efficiency and depth. Furthermore, Atletico also defended very well and were always together, he said.