Not a problem if Inter Failed Login UCL

Not a problem if Inter Failed Login UCL

Not a problem if Inter Failed Login UCL

MILAN – Inter Milan actually targets the big three and play in the Champions League next season. But until giornata 20, the Nerazzurri are stuck in ninth with 29 points.

Speech realistically pessimistic tone came out of the mouth of Erick Thohir. The Inter supremo judge no problem at all, if Andrea Ranocchia et al failed to play in the Champions League next season. he considered Inter still a world-renowned brand, and still gets a lot of revenue from it.

“Let’s remember Inter still in the world’s 10 most powerful brands. Our income remained at the same level. In the event without the Champions League, we still get input about 180-200 million euros. If we get in the Champions League, revenues increased by approximately 30 million euros, “said Thohir to Goal, Tuesday (27/01/2015).

“In essence, the Inter did not play in the Champions League is not a problem. Even despite failing to qualify for the Europa League is also not a problem. But obviously since we were one of the world’s 10 major brands, with many fans. We have to think big, “he continued.

“To finissembilan or 10 is not Inter, the target must be the Champions League or Europa League. There is no shortcut to building a strong team, you need a long-term project, “he added.

Thohir also speak the target of his team in the Europa League, where they will meet with Celtic in the last 32.

“To be the best, we must always target the best thing to do. Europa League obviously very strong competition, and we want to go as far as possible. Starting with the last 32 against Celtic, and probably drove up to the final, “a businessman from Indonesia’s hope.