Pirlo Stealth Love Ngisengin Bonucci

Pirlo Stealth Love Ngisengin Bonucci

Pirlo Stealth Love Ngisengin Bonucci

TURIN Andrea Pirlo famous figure of calm, charismatic, and is one of the elegant footballer. But behind the silence, players like Chuck Norris appeared to have the other side.

Tuttosport (11/01/2015), which was also his Bonucci Leornado Pirlo in Juventus reveal the behavior of the former AC Milan player. Pirlo turned out like fun to her teammates, and Bonucci has always been a favorite victim.

There are rules with Pirlo: If you do not hear him talking or joking in the dressing room, then you should be careful, that means he is preparing one keisengannya,” said Bonucci.

Victims favorite? I Am! There is a group for our Italian players talk to each other, and he was not much to write, but when it’s talking about me, he was always ready! “He continued.

After joking about Pirlo, Bonucci continue the conversation to Gianluigi Buffon. Ex Bari defender is quipped to match the ability of Manuel Neuer who doubles as a sweeper or the last defender, especially Neuer has now entered the top three candidates Ballon d’Or.

I would choose Neuer this year, mainly it is one of the new keeper. He started the movement of the back and do incredible things. For everything that Gigi did during his career, he should have won the trophy, he said

Now when I see Neuer do spectacular things, I always teased him and said teeth, when you do something seems to us?’ And against Inter yesterday, he heard me and go forward into midfield,” said Bonucci end the conversation