City Try advantage Fatigue 'The Red'

City Try advantage Fatigue ‘The Red’

City Try advantage Fatigue 'The Red'

Manchester – Liverpool arguably not in the best condition ahead of his meeting with Manchester City. This advantage was going to be utilized as much as possible by the Citizens manager, Manuel Pellegrini, for the victory.

Approximately 57 hours before the duel both teams at Anfield on Sunday (1/3) night tomorrow, Liverpool struggling in the second leg of the Europa League last 32 counter Besiktas.

Unfortunately, after passing through 120 minutes and penalties, ‘The Red’ should be eliminated after losing 4-5 at half-tos tosan it. The defeat was increasingly aggravated by the traffic conditions in Istanbul after the game that makes their return to England is delayed.

As a result Liverpool only had less than 48 hours to be able to recuperate and prepare for one of their crucial duel this season, linked to finish in the top four missions. Moreover, a number of core players still have problems with injuries such as Jordan Hende rson, Philippe Coutinho, Mamadou Sakho, Lucas Leiva, Steven Gerrard and Glen Johnson.

Naturally, if the City then seeded considering they had more sleep after meeting Barcelona last Tuesday.

“You can not prepare for a match if you’ve just finished bertandingan on Thursday night and then have to play on Sunday. The player takes at least 48 hours to memulihakan themselves. It would be an advantage to your opponent,” Pellegrini said as quoted by Soccernet.

“Clearly this is an advantage but not so crucial because I always thought that the most important is the performance in the game,” said the Chilean manager.

Although Liverpool in conditions less okay, Pellegrini obviously do not want to underestimate the opponent given the City has a negative record at Anfield. The last time they won was on May 3, 2003 with a score of 2-1 through two goals from Nicolas Anelka.

“If we think will win as Liverpool came late last night, it was not the reason. We have to play very well because the opponent has a very good team. I think they will play a different starting lineup of the game last night,” said he.