Van Gaal Praise Defense Neat Cambridge

Van Gaal Praise Defense Neat Cambridge

Van Gaal Praise Defense Neat Cambridge

Manchester – Manchester United have not won a 3-0 victory over Cambridge with ease. They had difficulty to dismantle the defense of Cambridge in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Playing with the majority of the major players, the United initially relied on long passes into the penalty box. The goal is Marouane Fellaini, who was installed as a second striker to accompany Robin van Persie.

However, this does not entirely succeed because Cambridge survive very deep. With easy, long balls into the box is cleared by the defense Cambridge.

United had tried their luck with a kick from outside the box via Wayne Rooney. However, efforts captain number 10 was also unsuccessful.

Only in the 25th minute, United could break the deadlock. Starting from a counter-attack, the ball is given to Angel Di Maria who was on the left side.

Di Maria then cross off, who then met with a header by Fellaini at the far post. The ball is headed by Fellaini then struck by Juan Mata right in front of goal Cambridge. To this end, a successful tactic to utilize Fellaini.

Winning one goal, United’s playing more comfortable. They then increase the advantage in the 32nd minute when a pass from Van Persie headlong by Marcos Rojo