Victims of Racial Harassment by Chelsea fans in Paris Request Actors Jailed

Victims of Racial Harassment by Chelsea fans in Paris Request Actors Jailed

Victims of Racial Harassment by Chelsea fans in Paris Request Actors Jailed

Paris – The victim of racial harassment by a number of Chelsea fans in Paris finally go to vote. He called on all actors involved in prisons.

Some fans were reportedly as Chelsea supporters involved an embarrassing incident in Paris ahead of the first leg of the Champions League last 16 against Paris Saint-Germain. The fans were caught engaging in racial abuse against a black man at the train station.

In amateur video taken at the Metro station Richelieu-Drouot, a number of football supporters who are already in a railway carriage seemed to rebuke, prevent, and encourage a man who was about to go into the carriage because of his skin color is black. They are up to twice prevent the man went into the carriage.

The fans were then heard singing “We racially, we racist, and we were happy like that.”

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, UEFA, FA, and Chelsea strongly condemned the racial abuse. The Chelsea and London police will conduct an investigation to find out who the incident involved supporters.

Souleymane S, the man who called the newspaper Le Parisien as the man who became the victim of racial harassment, the authorities hope to find the perpetrators and punish him.

“I want to get into the carriage, but a group of supporters of the British blocking me and pushed me out,” said Souleymane began.

“I then tried to get in again. In a scramble, I lost my cell phone.

“They said something to me in English, but I do not quite understand the meaning of their words. I do not speak English.

“I also understand they are attacking me because of my skin color. You know, I live with racism. I was not too surprised by what happened to me, even though this is the first on the subway,” said Souleymane.

Souleymane admitted to not realize that the incident involving him and the fans were recorded by Paul Nolan, Britons who live in Paris. He also did not tell the incident to his family.

“I go home without telling it to anyone, either my wife or my children. What can I say to my children? That their father had been harassed on the train because he’s black?

“One man came to me and told me brave for having fought them like that. There’s nothing to defend me, but to be honest, what can they do?

“These people, fans of England are to be found, convicted, and imprisoned. What happened should never be left alone,” said Souleymane.