Time to City Fix Errors and Honest with Yourself

Time to City Fix Errors and Honest with Yourself

Time to City Fix Errors and Honest with Yourself

Manchester – Manchester City did not have time to lament the poor results that they can these days. If you want to finish in the top four zones, the Citizens should immediately correct its mistakes.

City had led the Premier League with Chelsea at the beginning of this year. At that time, both teams have a number of points, productivity, number conceded, and exactly the same goal difference.

But, now the situation has changed dramatically. City catapulted into fourth position and is now lagging behind 12 points from Chelsea. The consequences should they receive after four defeats in the last six in the league.

City acquired last defeat at Manchester derby on Sunday (4/12/2015) ago. Manuel Pellegrini’s team made it defeated their neighbors, Manchester United, with a score of 4-2.

Because of the distance to the top of the table already too far, the focus of City now is to secure a ticket to the Champions League next season. They are now just four ahead of Liverpool who are in fifth position.

With six games remaining until the end of the season, the City is required to get back to winning ways. Otherwise, they will be doomed to fail to qualify for the Champions League.

“Now is the time to analyze what went wrong from us and trying to clean up for the next few games,” said City defender Pablo Zabaleta, in the Daily Star.

“There are still 18 points that can be achieved and we must be honest with ourselves and begin to work hard, play better, and won the game so that we can finish top four,” Zabaleta added.

“When you lose the matches like that, it’s very heavy. But, sometimes football like that. Football was a matter of momentum,” he said.