'Arsenal Compulsory Third Finis Easier To Bring The star players'

‘Arsenal Compulsory Third Finis Easier To Bring The star players’

'Arsenal Compulsory Third Finis Easier To Bring The star players'

London – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, stressing the importance of finishing the third position for Arsenal this season. Because it can be guaranteed more easily bring the Gunners star players in the transfer market.

Arsenal currently still is in third position with 70 points from 35 matches, two points ahead of Manchester United in fourth position already played one match more.

Both teams will be met at Old Trafford this weekend, where both Manchester United and Arsenal both have a target-by-target third win in order to qualify directly for the group phase of the Champions League next season.

Now, therefore Wenger wants his team were able to bring home the three points of his rival once locked cage third place. For if Arsenal were able to do so then it could be a means of towing the top players in the upcoming transfer window.

Arsenal has been in the past few seasons was first struggling in qualifying before qualifying for the group phase. Yet last summer they managed to bring in a proven moncer Alexis Sanchez in his first season.

“They (players target) must think how often you perform in the Champions League, but they are sometimes not sure. What can you say to them only statistically we always get through,” said Wenger on Soccernet.

“It is important to avoid a playoff. We can prepare for the season with more calm and not overwhelmed with stress since the first day you practice. We know how it feels and it will always be difficult if you are against a team that has undergone half of the season, while you are still in preparation tahapa, “he continued.

“The pressure and the consequences do not qualify it as extraordinary. Now with the international competition then you can not start the season with a complete and you can not give a long break when they played in international matches.”

“We had 78 points last season. In total it was nice, but not enough to finish in the top three. We want to make more points and we still had the opportunity to do so,” added Wenger.