Chelsea Will Not Shopping Many Summer Later

Chelsea Will Not Shopping Many Summer Later

Chelsea Will Not Shopping Many Summer Later

London – Jose Mourinho claimed to have been very satisfied with the current Chelsea squad. For that there is no massive spending in the summer but only the addition of 1-2 players are deemed necessary.

Last summer Chelsea spent around 85 million pounds when purchasing Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Cesc Fabregas, and Loic Remy. While Didier Drogba brought in on a free transfer.

In winter the total spending Chelsea this season to 100 million pounds when Juan Cuadrado imported from Fiorentina.

The purchase of a number of players were also accompanied by David Luiz sales worth 40 million pounds to Paris St-Germain, and Romelu Lukaku to Everton with 28 million pounds, and Demba Ba to Besiktas with 4.9 million pounds.

Some new players such as Costa and Fabregas directly tuned and contribute in the form of goals and assists. While Luis, Remy, Drogba, and Cuadrado relatively simply so players coatings.

Mourinho’s squad possessed abundant that eventually led them to win the Premier League and League Cup. This is what then makes Mourinho is very satisfied with the current skuatnya.

However Chelsea still linked with several players such as Antoine Griezmann and Koke from Atletico. Regardless of whether the two players or anyone else brought in, Mourinho replied frankly his trademark style.

“I think kesibukanku later in the transfer market, like walking on the sand with a towel into the water, then swim for a while, and come back to enjoy the sun,” Mourinho said jokingly.

“Such was later kesibukanku. But of course no fun, a little busy as possible. Just a little,” he said as quoted by Soccernet.

“I’m very satisfied with skuatku now, very satisfied. The young squad with the opportunity to develop more. And I’m in a different position than last season. At that time I wanted the club to sell some players and for the moment, I really want to maintain throughout my players. Last season we did want to sell. For this season, we will maintain the existing squad, “he said.