City stretcher Mission 'Revenge' Season Home

City stretcher Mission ‘Revenge’ Season Home

City stretcher Mission 'Revenge' Season Home

Manchester – Manchester City certainly finish the season without a trophy won. For next season, the Citizens will carry the mission of “revenge” and won the title again.

City should recognize the benefits of Chelsea in the Premier League, while in the Champions League they failed by Barcelona in the round of 16. On two other competitions, the FA Cup and League Cup, they were thrown in the fourth round.

Though it was certainly empty title this season, City achieve good results in recent times. After losing to Manchester United in the derby, made by Manuel Pellegrini’s team won four times in a row. The last victim City is Queens Park Rangers, who were beaten 6-0 at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday (10/05/2015).

The victory over QPR that ensures City get a place in the Champions League next season. They are in the second position of the standings with 73 points, behind Chelsea (84 points) were already champions and above Arsenal (70 points) and Manchester United (68 points).

“Finish in second or third position is no different in terms of qualifying for the Champions League. But we want to finish in second place because we want to always finish as high in the standings,” said the City striker, Sergio Aguero, on the club’s official website.

“We lost a lot of points on the season and now we are in a great form of the game, winning four times in a row. So, we must pass on two games remaining,” said Aguero.

Aguero said his team would no longer have failed to win a trophy next season. Argentine striker insists that City will do a “revenge”.

“We want to finish this season as well as possible and start the next season to fight for every title,” he said.

“This season is not according to our expectations, but we will face new challenges next season and there is always revenge in football,” said Aguero.