'Four Great Not Enough for MU'

‘Four Great Not Enough for MU’

'Four Great Not Enough for MU'

Manchester – Manchester United are believed to be able to compete in the race for the championship title in the Premier League next season. MU is currently in a transition period so that the fans are asked to be patient.

It was revealed by former Manchester United Darren Fletcher penggawa now strengthen West Bromwich Albion. Fletcher had just helped the Baggies beat his former club 1-0 at Old Trafford.

In the hands of Louis van Gaal, the ‘Red Devils’ are trying to rise after the previous season to finish seventh in the league. A number of class players have been brought in and the manager believed they would bring in some more star on the exchange this summer.

Fletcher finished his career for 20 years with United by joining West Brom last season. According to him, the ‘Red Devils’ takes time to achieve glory again.

“The ambition for them is to finish top four and Chelsea are always difficult dijagkau,” said Fletcher told Sky Sports. “Manchester United has a new manager and this is a transitional period for them.”

“I’m sure everyone at the club will advance and compete to win the league next season. Finish the fourth alone is not good enough for Manchester United.”