Mourinho Still Wants Cech at Chelsea

Mourinho Still Wants Cech at Chelsea

Mourinho Still Wants Cech at Chelsea

London – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insists that he will not let Petr Cech resigned. According to him, the Blues still need Cech.

Cech in the Chelsea future amid speculation. The 32-year-old goalkeeper was reportedly is considering the continuation of his career at Stamford Bridge after his position as first-choice goalkeeper displaced by Thibaut Courtois.

However, Mourinho stated that he wanted to Cech survive. The Portuguese manager called if Chelsea still need to employ Cech.

“One thing is Jose Mourinho and the other is (Roman Abramovich) and the other is because the leadership and management, including my little bit of everyone else,” Mourinho said as quoted by the Guardian.

“But if it’s in my hand, if the decision is of me, then the decision is Petr survive. Although it was against his will? Yes.”

“I think the club is more important than the players and, as is evident this season, the club took two very good goalkeepers. Without Petr this season, I think we’re going to win because he played six important games in the Premier League and without points we may not be the champion, “he added.

Even if Cech had to leave, Mourinho did not want the Czech Republic goalkeeper was off to another English club. Cech recently been linked with the North London club, Arsenal.

However Mourinho remains handed over all decisions to the club.

“So for me, the decision number one: Petr would survive. After that, the second point is gone but not to the English club. Option I do not want is him to go to the English club,” said Mourinho.

“But, I repeat, I am only the manager and he was very meaningful for this club and for what he did, he deserves all of the club. If the decision is different clubs, I will accept it,” he said.