Coming Kroos, Isco victimizing

Coming Kroos, Isco victimizing

Coming Kroos, Isco victimizing

MADRID The news that the long-awaited Real Madrid supporters eventually broke too. The club nicknamed Los Blancos was yesterday officially announced the arrival of Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich.

German midfielder was recruited with a tag GBP 24 million or around Rp 480 billion. One of the pillars of Germany in the 2014 World Cup will be a six-year contract.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have reached an agreement that will transfer Kroos joined the club six seasons ahead.”

Similarly, the release of Real Madrid conveyed through their official website on Thursday (17/7). Kroos will undergo a medical in Madrid today.

After undergoing the test media, Kroos will be introduced to the real supporters in the Royal Box Santiago Bernabeu. Real success is inseparable from bringing Kroos Bayern failure to persuade the 24-year-old players to survive.

Kroos contract with Bayern runs true at the end of June 2015, however, rejected a contract extension because Kroos, Bayern were forced to release him.

Negotiations have been completed. Kroos had belonged to Real Madrid, said Bayern Executive Director KarlHeinz Rummenigge told Bild.

We thank her for her time in Bayern’s Kroos. We reach a lot of success with him here. Our best wishes to him there, he added.

Kroos arrival will bring a lot of consequences. Therefore, stock midfielder in Real Madrid today is abundant. Automatic, the presence of new players will be forced to remove one or more Real midfielder.

Well, one of the players whose position is threatened by the presence of Kroos is Isco. Therefore, the position he’s in the same Real with Kroos, the attacking midfielder.

Real players recruited from Malaga beginning of last season it actually got quite a big contribution. Last season he scored eight goals plus four assists. Note that only lost by Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale.

However, Ancelotti is not much to give him a chance. The Spanish original cast only be starterdalam 23 games last season. In 23 games as starteritu, only eight times he played the full 90 minutes.

Because of that, along with the arrival of Kroos, Isco threatened next season will be much marginalized. Moreover, Kroos has advantages not possessed Isco. Kroos can be more adaptive. He also has a cruising range wider than the ISCO.

Former Malaga was during these do tend to prefer to play just behind the main striker. One more thing, Kroos is a brilliant feeder.

The situation was no doubt led to speculation of a move Isco. However, because it is still young and has potential, reportedly did not want to sell Real Isco. She simply be lent. The club is ready to accept Isco is AC Milan.

Source Football Italia reported that AC Milan are ready to open the door for ISCO. The 22-year-old will also be guaranteed a prime position.

Moreover, nicknamed the Rossoneri Milan-season is going to lose Robinho. The Brazilian can still be sold at the value of approximately USD 47 billion. Incidentally, Major League Soccer club Orlando City interested in using his services.

Kroos is not the last hunting estate. They still attempt to bring James Rodriguez. Players who shine with Colombia in the 2014 World Cup is still under contract with AS Monaco.