Football pornography


If pornography has come to be more sensual than sexual, could show the football is now considered more sporty than playing ball itself?

I memikiran things over overnight, when the lines are in the social media frenzy by drawing shows the European Champions League 2014/2015 season. Middle of the night which is not the weekend be felt crowded by the chirping of the division of the Champions League group participants.

In the midst of the din, suddenly appeared chirp of a twitter account belongs to Fabio Oliveira [@ fab_25oliveira], head coach Persita Tangerang. Fill chirp Brazilian coach thrilling: Persita team has not payday for 3 months, no bonus [bonus so I usually end for the players that pesky salary to survive], means minimal training, exercises departed with public transportation, there is no food in the dorm and the players owe terpaksalah in front of the stall boarding to just eat.

Fabio chirp that sneak” out of nowhere in the middle of the hustle and bustle of European football party [Champions League] has not even begun. Yes, the word sneak” it seems appropriate to describe the situation last night: consider the emergence of something odd, unexpected things [at least for me that was still a little bit sane -cuma rada rada little bit, ya loh], at once surprising because taste, really, Yeah– not come on time.

Somewhat difficult to not react grim” [you can replace the word grim” with the word cynical” or nosy”]. I then retweeted it while chirp chirp Fabio mentions it as a realism sepabola“.

A few minutes later, I really felt bad had interrupted preoccupation many people enjoying themselves. I hurried warble: Not going to spoil the party, anyway. Merely offering pause: there’s always unkempt every time the crowd goes wild.”

Here, the happenings were abandoned and neglected here, which I mean as a realism of football which happens to lie on the ground we Islamization except in front of the penalty box is normally in Indonesia stadiums brown color.

But what exactly is realism football“? What is referred to as a reality in football? Let’s go back to the opening paragraph. Do not worry, I will not carry the PSSI (in terms of verification of the club) in this essay, really, this essay is not merely to stumble into full moral appeal.


Paraphrasing pornography is more sensual than the sex itselfactually quoted sentence written by Jean Baudrillard, a famous French thinker with ideas that would strip the postmodern situation.