Injustice to the court

Injustice to the court

Injustice to the court

Want to make money your hobby? Join us.”

At first glance, the above sentence extremely suitable as an opening to invite someone to join the MLM network. However, who would have thought the sentence displayed on the official website of the Football Association, the FA.

Do they start reaching MLM business? No, the offer is intended for those who want to try” to be a referee. Bids are also displayed on the website job seekers UK Government has easy terms. You just need to be aged over 14 years old and physically strong to run the task. Applicants living master the Laws of the Game which will be studied in a number of training.

Easy? Not necessarily.

Starting from the Bottom

In the UK, it is not difficult to become a referee. Anyone, from the age of 14 years, had the opportunity to try out the hobby” is. Information about registration can all be found easily, including job search sites British government official.

Applicants may directly come to the FA representatives in each county (geographic area consisting of several cities, a kind of Indonesian provinces) across the UK. Each county usually has its own special rules.

Course participants will pass through five stages. First, an introduction on how the role of the referee on the field and the Laws of the Game. Secondly, the participants began to enter the practice of warming, positioning, overcome the situation on the ground, and use the signal as a communication technique.

In the third stage, the prospective referees evaluated. If you score below 75 percent, then they have to take the test again. If passed, could go straight into the fourth stage.

This stage becomes one of the most important. Participants should lead six games. Later, the FA will coordinate with the match organizers in each city to give an empty slot for the participants.