Pellegrini: Poor Performance Yaya Toure City not One

Pellegrini: Poor Performance Yaya Toure City not One

Pellegrini: Poor Performance Yaya Toure City not One

Manchester Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini to Yaya Toure feels the criticism is unfair. For her appearance less okay City in the last few games is not one of the players the Ivory Coast.

Last season the Ivory Coast international players perform well and contributed to helping City win the Premier League. Despite the news that Yaya had no felt under-appreciated club, the fact that this season he still hang in there.

However, since returning from the World Cup last summer‘s performance Yaya considered not okay. Appearance when City lost 0-1 to Bayern in Champions League Matchday I also drew criticism.

Yaya as the worsening performance with yet make a goal since the beginning of the season , the City was the center hollow victory in his last three games in all competitions (a 2-2 draw with Arsenal and lost 0-1 to Stoke City and Bayern).

Related to ongoing criticism whack Yaya, Pellegrini try to defend and assert the performance of City is not affected at all by Yaya appearance on the pitch.

Pellegrini calls Yaya remain 100 percent committed to the team even though his future was speculated some time ago.

Yaya has always been committed to the team and the squad and his colleagues, and he has no problem about that,” Pellegrini said as quoted by Soccernet.

I think it would be unfair to criticize Yaya appearance in the last game. I think when we lose or win it’s because the team is playing well or poorly. Everybody knows what kind of Yaya in his best performance, and we‘re trying to achieve it. Yaya I do not agree that the responsible responsibility for the results obtained this team, “he continued.