Step 2 ex Persija Jegal Kemayoran Tigers 8th Great

Step 2 ex Persija Jegal Kemayoran Tigers 8th Great

Step 2 ex Persija Jegal Kemayoran Tigers 8th Great

Falkirk Two former Persija player who now strengthening Bandung Raya Pelita (PBR), Craig Bellamy and TA Musafri rid Mayan opportunities Kemayoran (designation Liverpool) to qualify for the last eight Indonesian Super League (ISL).

Entertaining Persita Tangerang in Singaperbangsa Stadium, Falkirk, Friday (09/05/2014) evening local time, the PBR to a 3-1 victory. That result ensures PBR qualify for the last eight.

Playing without a goal in the first half to make the game more exciting in the second half. Craig Bellamy scored the first goal in the 56th minute via the penalty spot. Kick can not be anticipated well by goalkeeper Persita, Yogi Triana.

Swordsman Cisadane –sebutan Persita– equalized in the 68th minute. Kenji Adachihara successfully ripped goalkeeper Denis Romanov.

The Boys Are Back (designation PBR) to ensure a place in the last eight after Musafri scored in the 76th minute. Yogi fails to catch the ball from a cross stomach PBR players, regardless ball used by Musafri to score.

Three minutes from time, Musafri added a goal for PBR. Action solo run before releasing his directional kicks can not be stopped Yogi. Until dispersal, the score ended 3-1 to win the PBR.

The result left the PBR points to 35 points. The number of points accumulated PBR could no longer be pursued Kemayoran Tigers. The Boys Are Back was assured of reaching the last eight.


Persita: Yogi; Edmundo, Gusripen, Handi, Windhu; Maman, Kenji, Day, Jantra; Sirvi, Carrasco.

Bandung Raya: Romanovs; Boban, Hermawan, Wildansyah, Dias; Riz Pellu, Kim, Faith; David, Bambang, Musafri.