Talking about Van Persie Line Rear MU

Talking about Van Persie Line Rear MU

Talking about Van Persie Line Rear MU

Manchester Luxury in front and behind the dilapidated condition into the image of Manchester United at the moment. For the poor The Red Devils rearguard, Robin van Persie say the problem is not solely on the defender.

How bad MU back line is evident as they defeated promotion club Leicester City 5-3. Despite winning 3-1 first, David De Gea et al eventually have to accept the goal they conceded four goals in a row.

These results add to the pain of the Red Devils, who in his performances this season is still far from good. Just one win from five games to come, it does not include embarrassing results in the League Cup when they were hit by the team with the third tier MK Dons 0-4.

The back line is considered so the weakest point. Unlike midfield and front field that does a lot of changes by buying new players, the condition of the MU defense not having the desired rejuvenation. After the death of senior players such as Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, no top defender brought to Old Trafford.

If MU is considered bad defense, Robin van Persie assume it is not entirely the fault of the defender. Poor defense is the tail of the other problems that exist.

When you see errors in the back row, it starts at another position. Was also our notice. Was not just one mistake that occurred,” said Van Persie as reported by the Guardian.

There was an error before the error, and no more errors earlier, possibly related to the position. All the players know what to continually strive to be better,” he added