'Arsenal Must Fight Like a Person of Anger'

‘Arsenal Must Fight Like a Person of Anger’

'Arsenal Must Fight Like a Person of Anger'

London Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger judge has not come out of the competition title, though still lagging far. To that end, the Gunners are urged to play with malignant, including at home to Southampton.

Chelsea still sitting comfortably on top of the standings with 13 points from Arsenal’s advantage, which was ranked seventh. With Southampton, who sits in seventh place Arsenal still six points adrift.

Gunner’ will try to cut away to Southampton when the two teams battle at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday (04/12/2014) pm dawn.

You can not say the hunt for the championship title ended after 13 or 14 games,” Wenger said on the club’s official website. You also can not say within six points can not be pursued.”

We did not start off well but we did not have a full squad since the beginning of the season. It was typical of the early post-World Cup. We now have to fight like an angry person to comeback as much as possible to show that we can compete in every game.”

We must fight on many occasions for the championship title. People always remember who won but it was so tight fight for a long time in the past eight or nine years,” added Wenger.

Against Southampton, Arsenal supported better record by winning two games of the last five duels in all domestic competitions. However, at the last meeting at home to give Arsenal 1-2 in the Champions League Cup last September.