Benzema Not Hesitate Learning from Ronaldo

Benzema Not Hesitate Learning from Ronaldo

Benzema Not Hesitate Learning from Ronaldo

Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo Talents evolving amazed teammate at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, who did not hesitate to emulate his work ethic.

Ronaldo did not seem to stop scoring. So far, he has scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid 27 and 23 hat-trick in La Liga. No wonder if Benzema menjagokannya as the world’s best player in 2014.

As anyone who is close to Ronaldo, Benzema insists that the greatness of the 29-year-old not only because of his talent, but also hard work.

Outside of exceptional talent, there is also a hard worker in his hand and I learned a lot by playing with him, said Benzema as reported by Football Espana.

You can not achieve success as he achieved without hard work and without being a perfectionist in every level, also with attention to every little detail,” he added.

26-year-old striker said that Ronaldo had never underestimate the slightest thing.

And that’s why he is now the greatest player in the world,” he explains.

Not to be outdone by Ronaldo, the French striker was hoping to improve performance.

I’m more scoring late now want to keep score. I also participate in the game and the team is in good condition. I am injury free and get plenty of playing time. The better my game, the more I am confident, he said.

My game is also strengthened by the confidence my colleagues, coach, president of the club and the fans,” Benzema terminate.

So far, Benzema has scored a total of 14 goals from 19 games in La Liga and the Champions League.