Gebuk Rossoblu, Old Lady Maintain Capolista

Gebuk Rossoblu, Old Lady Maintain Capolista

Gebuk Rossoblu, Old Lady Maintain Capolista

CAGLIARI Juventus managed to pack the perfect point after frustrate the opposition Cagliari with a final score of 3-1 in the 16th giornata Serie A, Friday (12/19/2014) early morning hrs. With this result, I Bianconeri further strengthened its position at the top of the standings with 39 points, 4 points at odds of AS Roma.

Playing as a guest team, Juve were able to dominate since the beginning of the fight. As a result, the first half Juve managed to flick two-goal lead thanks to Carlos Tevez and Arturo Vidal. The second half was not much change, it can widen the Old Lady feet distance excellence through Fernando Llorente. Although in the end, Luca Rossettini able to minimize the position.

The game

first round

Kick off! Competing as a guest team, Paul Pogba Juventus actually resting on the game this time. However, the motor is still dangerous attacks, the article is still no name Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal are ready to supply the ball forward.

Sure enough, the game was only three minutes Juve have been able to preside over Cagliari. Starting from crossing Vidal resulting chaos in the penalty box, Carlos Tevez standing in the right position successfully menyeploskan ball into goal for the visitors. 0-1 Juve.

Surprised by the goal scored by Tevez, Cagliari continues to hunt for the equalizer. Rossoblu club nicknamed it several times trying to take advantage of cross passes to destabilize the Juve defense.

One that threatens the chances Albin Ekdal in the 13th minute. Starting from crossing Victor Ibarbo directly forwarded through strong header from the center of the penalty box. Unfortunately header Ekdal can still be pushed over Gianluigi Buffon, but it is the best chance of the host so far.

Unfortunately for Cagliari! Due to too focused catch up, they went back to the goal in the 15th minute hacked is successful Vidal Juve doubled their advantage thanks to his hard shot from outside the box. Old Lady 0-2 lead.

Two-goal lead, Massimiliano Allegri‘s squad looked more comfortable playing the ball of the foot to foot. Visible combination of the two touch passing is often shown Pirlo, Tevez and Fernando Llorente.

However, the allenatore from the sidelines kept screaming and wanted the children to stay focused care in holding assault host. While on the other side Cagliari coach, Zdenek Zeman, only silence.

Entering a half hour rolling match, I Bianconeri still dominated possession and occasionally build an attack with neatly. While Cagliari, continue to find it difficult to dismantle the Juve defense.

Until the long whistle sounded mark the break of the referee, the score remained unchanged over Cagliari Juventus 2-0 lead, despite some dangerous opportunities.

second half

The second half rolling, Cagliari immediately tried to take over the rhythm and the initiative to attack. Ekdal is still a pedestal, always fired a shot from outside the box. But the effort is not threatening at all, because the ball often bounced and distorted.

Goal! Again I Bianconeri were again able to record numbers through the attack was built. Was Llorente who widened the lead in the five-minute second-half run, thanks to the kick in the penalty box area in the bait brilliant Pirlo.

Cagliari finally able to reduce the pace, five minutes after Llorente goals. Starting from the execution of a free kick Andrea Cossu, successfully passed perfectly by Luca Rossettini. The header right ball lodged in the left side of Buffon. 1-3 host catch up.

Allegri tried to refresh the front line conditions, with attractive Llorente and Alvaro Morata enter. With the influx of hope bomber young Spaniard, can add to the coffers of goals for Juve.

Entering 10 minutes of normal time expires, Allegeri kept pumping his squad from the edge of the field. Despite winning two-goal deficit, the former AC Milan coach is hoping his team can maintain concentration.

Given two minutes of added time at the end of the match referee, where Cagliari has not run out of passion to catch up. However, until the long whistle signaled the end of the game, the host could not say anything. 3-1 win for Juventus.


Cagliari: Cragno; Rossettini, Ceppitelli, Beneddetti, Avelar, Balzano, Capuano, Conti, Ekdal, Cossu, Ibarbo

Juventus: Gianluigi Buffon, Lichtsteiner, Ogbonna, Giorgio Chiellini, Patrice Evra, Marchisio, Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, Pereyra, Carlos Tevez, Fernando Llorente (Alvaro Morata 73 ).