A When Henry believed Will Be Arsenal manager

A When Henry believed Will Be Arsenal manager

A When Henry believed Will Be Arsenal manager

London For Arsenal, Thierry Henry is a living legend of the club. So one day Henry believed it would come back to the club and became manager of the Gunners.

Henry during an Arsenal shirt has a lot to give to the North London club. Two Premier League titles and three FA Cups is offering the French striker was.

Not only trophy, won the individual title was a lot of Henry with Arsenal, such as top scorer four titles, two-time defending Premier League, and of course throughout the history of Arsenal’s top scorer with 228.

Unfortunately after eight years strengthen Arsenal, Henry decided to go to Barcelona in the 2007/2008 season. Three seasons there, Henry then a career in the United States with New York Red Bulls.

Now Henry’s contract with the Red Bulls have been completed and the speculation about his future began to appear. Start of going back to Europe strengthen Arsenal or it could be retired.

Although not yet determine where the goal after going from the Red Bulls, Henry believed that one day will be the Arsenal manager. Moreover, until recently not plan to end his Arsenal contract Arsene Wenger at the club.

So like his dream had always been, Henry would be the right successor to Arsenal and it is quite possible Gunner’ will brought the Champions League trophy